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Shri Ram Study World is a professional company, engaged in providing early child education and care in India. The company is licensed to set up a chain of pre-schools under the brand "KINGDOM OF KIDS", which is owned by the renowned Shri Ram Education Trust,with a view to bringing world –class education and personality development practices for every young child across India.

Shri Ram Study World has a vision to combine conventional brick and mortar education with cutting-edge technology, thus achieving holistic development of young learners to make them champions of tomorrow. Shri Ram Study World believes that each child is unique and has inborn talent which should be discovered before the age of 6 years.The nurturing of this talent through the unique collaboration of parents and teachers would give great benefit society at large.

Shri Ram Study World is committed to addressing the inadequate supply of high quality early child education across India with a special focus on rural India. It plans on setting up mega, medium and small learning centres equipped with world-class curriculum, equipment and facilities, teachers and child centric support staff.