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At KINGDOM OF KIDS we believe that each child is unique. Every child is perfect and has a bounty of hidden potentials that need to be nurtured. We provide opportunities for children to enhance their strengths.

We create an environment and an opportunity for that latent quality to blossom at KINGDOM OF KIDS.

We integrate learning fostering of the child's sense of wonder and natural curiosity and the exploration of this through PLAY. We believe in the importance of environment based learning and hands on experience that actively engage the child with the immediate environment and those who live in it. We recognize the innate creativity of child and his/her individuality of creative responses and expressions. Our education is based on inter-relationships.

Encouraging and enhancing participation enables a communication network that leads to fuller and more reciprocal knowledge, as well as to a more effective, shared search for the best educational methods, content, and values.

At KINGDOM OF KIDS, parents and teachers work together as a team in the successful development of the child. It is our feeling that both parents and teachers must be involved and communicate together to ensure that we are consistent between home and school. A safe and consistent environment, balanced with both love and limits, is where the child flourishes.

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